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Beta Club inducts new members
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Friday, November 20, 2015
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On November 20, 2015, the Melbourne High School Beta Club held an induction ceremony for its new members. The Beta Club is an organization that was established to recognize academic achievement among high school students; its goal is to promote leadership, character, and community service work. Each year, students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and who exemplify character and leadership receive invitations to become members of the MHS Beta Club. Once they accept the invitation, they are formally inducted into the organization.

New members for the 2015-16 school year are: Matt Anderton, Evan Ballard, Ashtyn Bell, Bryan Blevins, Hunter Brokaw, Shyenne Brooks, Shawn Burgelbaugh, Makayla Carter, Jared Chaney, Elijah Conley, Natalie Cooley, Faith Daigle, Grace Daigle, Joni Fleming, Skylar Franks, Haley Garrett, Andrew Gunther, Alex Hancock, Taylor Hellums, Cole Henningan, Alisha Hollaway, Kaylee Hooper, Autumn Kyral, Cole Lamb, Haley Lisenby, Josie Love, Keeley Jo Massey, Colby Morgan, Tyrell Morrow, Isaac Motes, Ryan Moxley, Ashley Poole, Thomas Pretty, Stone Runyan, Dereck Savell, Collin Sisk, Kolten Smith, John Sturgis, Triton Tate, ShayAnn Welch, Jasmine Willhite, and Austin Winslow. Officers for the club are Zack Ditto (President), Jonathan Medina (Vice-President), Lexi Sitton (Secretary), Billy Cooper (Treasurer), Jordan Webb (Reporter), and Caeden Wolfe and Emma Shinn (Student Council Representatives). Other members include Bradley Behe, Luke Booker, Charlee Byram , Staci Cambell, Cheyanne Causey, Tapanga Cooley, Molly Cooper, Natalie Cooper, Ty Cornelius, Cailey Cossey, Dalton Dale, Kirby Dale, Priscilla Dufresne, Wendell Edwards, Logan Engles, Kyran Faver, Emily Gardner, Bailey George, Emilie Gibson, Jayden Gillihan, Taylor Goodman, Behthany Graham, Kaylie Grisham, Kaylee Guthrie, Braeden Hancock, Clay Harris, Luke Helm, Jackson Herrington, Camron Holowell, Donny Jaime, Cassidy Johnson, Chantal Johnson, Mary Johnson, Chipper Lamb, Trestin Lawrence, Jana MacArthur, Lauren McLaughlin, Kyle Minyard, Payton Moore, Megan Moxley, Caleb Myers, Blake Pettyjohn, Ethan Phillips, Travis Phipps, Jonathan Powell, Alec Price, Julia Reed, Emma Roberts, Billy Savell, Lexxy Scott, Cara Shaw, Taya Smith, Chance Steed, Mary Stovall, Daniel Sullivan, Erin Sullian, Destiny Swaims, Will Weatherford, Tristan Weaver, Natalie Woolsey, and Savannah Youngblood.

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