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MHS hosts first track and field event
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Thursday, April 21, 2016
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            After years of traveling to compete, the Melbourne Bearkatz brought the competition home in their first annual track and field meet. With the junior high meet on Tuesday and the senior high meet on Thursday, it was a busy yet very successful event. Melody Carroll, Melbourne’s’ track coach for the girls, gave credit to the many people who showed up to give a hand. “We had so many kids and adults who gave of their time to help. A track meet is an athletic event that takes quite a few volunteers. We are so blessed at the Melbourne School District to have a community who supports us in every way.” Boys track coach Clayton McWilliams added, “We couldn’t have done it without our sponsors, Modern Woodman, FNBC, and G.H. Miller’s and Sons, who purchased the hurdles for the event.”

Those from Melbourne who placed in the meets were:

Jr. Girls                     100m Hurdles: Audra Blevins (4), Erica Smith (6), Jocelyn Woolsey (8)

                                1600m: Kiley Webb (1), Emma Webb (5), Abbi Marlin (7), Alli Marlin (8)

                                200m: Erica Smith (8)

                                300m Hurdles: Erica Smith (6), Audra Blevins (8)

                                4 X 100m Relay: Melbourne (4) Audra Blevins, Chloe Thielman, Zoie Finley, Kendall Vest

                                4 X 400m Relay: Melbourne (4) Abbi Marlin, Alli Marlin, Emma Webb, Kiley Webb

                                4 X 800m Relay: Melbourne (1) Abbi Marlin, Alli Marlin, Emma Webb, Kiley Webb

                                800m: Kiley Webb (1), Emma Webb (7), Abbi Marlin (8)

                                Discus (1KG): Ashton Cowen (4)

                                High Jump: Jocelyn Woolsey (6), Kiley Webb (8)

                                Long Jump: Erica Smith (6)

                                Pole Vault: Audra Blevins (1), Erica Smith (2)

                                Shot Put (2.72KG): Payten Hutchins (4), Ashton Cowen (6), Allyson Smith (7)

Jr. Boys                     100m Dash: Alex Bray (6)

                                110m Hurdles: Noah McSpadden (5), Eli Harrell (6)

                                1600m: Blake Bledsoe (2), Riley Clairday (6)

                                200m Dash: Aaron Pettyjohn (5)

                                300m Hurdles: Caysen Shaw (3), Eli Harrell (7), Noah McSpadden (8)

                                4 X 100m: Melbourne (4) Jacob Cole, Ryan Worsham, Zane Ferguson, Alex Bray

                                4 X 400m: Melbourne(4) Jacob Cole, Eli Harrell, Ryan Worsham, Zane Fergusan

                                4 X 800m: Melbourne (3) Blake Bledsoe, Riley Clairday, Jackson Kimble, Eli Harrell

                                800m: Blake Bledsoe (3), Riley Clairday (6), Jackson Kimble (8)

                                Discus (1KG): Caysen Shaw (5)

                                High Jump: Riley Clairday (1), Alex Bray (5), Aaron Pettyjohn (6)

                                Long Jump: Alex Bray (2), Noah McSpadden (5), Aaron Pettyjohn (8)

                                Pole Vault: Riley Clairday (3)

                                Shot Put (4KG): Michael Masson (8)

                                Triple Jump: Caysen Shaw (1), Alex Bray (2), Aaron Pettyjohn (3) Noah McSpadden (4)

Sr. High Girls             Disc: Angie Hall (7)

                                Shot Put: Erin Sullivan (4)

                                100m Hurdles: Taylor Hellums (1)

                                100m Dash: Taylor Hellums (3), Hope Willhite (6)

                                400m: Hope Willhite (4)

                                300m Hurdles: Taylor Hellums (1)

                                200m: Taylor Hellums (2), Hope Willhite (5)

Sr. High Boys             High Jump: Wyatt Slater (6), Michael Johnson (7)

                                Triple Jump: Tyler Dudra (4), Blake Pettyjohn (5), Isaac Motes (6)

                                Long Jump: Blake Pettyjohn (6), Isaac Motes (8)

                               Pole Vault: Preston Clairday (4), Tyler Dudra (5)

                               Disc: Levi Wall (2), Quinton Harvey (4), Evan Ballard (6), Weston Townsley (8)

                               Shot Put: Quenton Harvey (1), Levi Walls (4)

                               4 X 800: Melbourne (3) (Tyler Dudra, Michael Johnson, Blake Pettyjohn, Wyatt Slater

                               110m Hurdles: Tyler Dudra (3)

                               100m Dash: Travis Phipps (4), Thomas Pretty (5), Kyle Minyard (6)

                               1600m: Kolten Smith (1), Preston Clairday (3)

                               400m: Kyle Minyard (6), Michael Johnson (7), Isaac Motes (8)

                               4 X 100: Melbourne (2) Thomas Pretty, Andrew Williams, Travis Phipps, Isaac Motes

                               800m: Blake Pettyjohn (1), Michael Johnson (4), Evan Ballard (5)

                              300m: Tyler Dudra (3), Andrew Williams (6)

                              200m: Travis Phipps (3), Kyle Minyard (6), Isaac Motes (7)

                              3200m: Kolten Smith (1), Preston Clairday (2)

                               4 X 400: Melbourne (2) Travis Phipps, Andrew Williams, Thomas Pretty, Blake Pettyjohn


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