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Students attend Spanish concert
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Wednesday, December 07, 2016
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     Melbourne’s Spanish classes recently attended a concert performed by Emir Sensini in Jonesboro on December 6th. A multi-talented singer and songwriter from Argentina, Emir Sensini travels to schools across the nation on behalf of the Justo Lamas Group, an educational program with the primary objective of promoting the study of the Spanish language. For the past 17 years, Argentine singer Justo Lamas has visited more than a 1000 schools to share his music and motivational message with Spanish students. Now, Emir Sensini is carrying on the tradition and is determined to bring a positive message and a fresh, high-energy sound to the youth of America.

            During the concert, MHS students along with students from other districts danced and sung to Emir’s songs, which they had learned in Spanish class. Occasionally, Emir invited students to come on the stage to participate in fun and engaging activities. However, there were moments when Emir asked the crowd to listen to his message. “I have not always been as fortunate as I am now. I grew up poor, and my parents made some bad choices,” said the artist. “What I want you to know is that there is no situation you can’t overcome, although I know it may seem like it at the time. Never give up.” 

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