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Homecoming Royalty
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Tuesday, January 29, 2019
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2019 Homecoming Royalty


Queen: Halle Cooper- Daughter of Joe and Holly Cooper

Escort: Andrew Pitts- Son of Kenny and Lisa Pitts

Flower Girl: Harris Wyatt- Daughter of Sanders Lee and Melissa Wyatt       

Crown Bearer: Asher Clairday- Son of Joey and Pam Clairday

   12th Grade Maid: Nikki McSpadden- Daughter of Travis and Bridget McSpadden

Escort: Alex Bray- Son of Eric and Alecia Bray

   12th Grade Maid: Sydney Presley- Daughter of Derek Presley and Jawnie Shaw

Escort: Riley Clairday- Son of Joey and Pam Clairday

   11th Grade Maid: Dani Hardaway- Daughter of Kevin and Angie Hardaway

Escort: Gavin Kimble- Son of Rickey Kimble and Mandi Milligan

   11th Grade Maid: Graci Skelton- Daughter of Anthony and Timmie Skelton

Escort: Aaron Pettyjohn- Son of J.R. McGehee and Tammy McGehee

   10th Grade Maid: Peyton Manry- Daughter of Mark and Lisa Manry

Escort: Ty Cooper- Son of Calvin and Shannon Cooper

   10th Grade Maid: Paige Reeves- Daughter of Mike and Candi Morgan, and Aaron and Krystal Reeves

Escort: Remi Lawrence- Son of Chad and Mashale Lawrence

   Princess: Kaylee Dennis- Daughter of John and Susan Dennis

Escort: Roby Cooper- Son of Joe and Holly Cooper

   9th Grade Maid: Kensley Franks- Daughter of Luke Franks and Candi Richardson

Escort: Brady Gunther- Son of Andy and Wayna Gunther

   9th Grade Maid: Libby Holden- Daughter of Stacy and Brandy Gore, and Scott and Merry Holden

Escort: Gus Cooper- Son of TJ and Mami Sullins, and Dusty and Lindsey Cooper

   8th Grade Maid: Jenna Lawrence- Daughter of Jason and Mandy Lawrence

Escort: Carter Bray- Son of Eric and Alecia Bray

   8th Grade Maid: Kaylee Love- Daughter of Brett and Shawna Love

Escort: Holden Hutchins- Son of Shannon and Wendy Hutchins

   7th Grade Maid: Gabby Gardner- Daughter of John and Susan Gardner

Escort: Cason Sanders- Son of Dustin Pool and Kirby Pool

   7th Grade Maid: Reagan Woodard- Daughter of William Woodard and Brittney Lanning

Escort: Hudson Hampton- Son of Kandace Phennel 

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